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Gifts Flutists Will Love

Do you know someone (or maybe it's even yourself) who is absolutely obsessed with the flute? With birthdays or holidays coming up, what should you get your flutist friend or relative?

Here are some gift ideas that every flutist will love!

Gift Ideas For Flutists

Gifts For Flutists

1. Music & Flute-Themed Shirts

For most musicians, music is their lives and a big part of who they are. They are proud to express their love for their instrument and music. Flutists (as well as other musicians) love music-themed shirts, and even more, they'll love the flute-themed shirts even more.

For the holidays, find something for the teacher and flutist. This is our favorite:

2. Flute Case Or Carrying Bag

A flutist is always carrying their flute around with them, so why not make it a fashion icon too? A flutist could change cases or carrying bag to match their mood, their outfit, or make it their everyday way of transporting their flute!

Starry Night Flute Case

Take note, if you decide to get them a case, like this one, you'll need to know if they have a student flute or step-up flute (look for C-foot or B-foot). Most of these kinds of cases are for student flutes, so if your friend plays professionally, more than likely, you'll want to get them the carrying bag.

These cases are great for kids and beginners.

Some popular flute-carrying bags would be:

Fluterscooter Red Flute Bag

Professional and sleek

Gold Sparkle Flute Bag

Custom fun bags

Universe Flute Bag

Unique bags

3. Metronome

Me-Ideal Mini Metronome

Metronomes get lost and misplaced often, so it never hurts to have too many metronomes. This Me-Ideal Mini Metronome is great because of its small size and can clip onto the stand (meaning it's out of the way for longer pieces)

4. Thumbports

Pink Flute Thumbport on Flute

Thumbports can help with fatigued or aching fingers/hands. With these silicon thumbports, they'll ease any tension your flutist friend may be feeling. Easy on and off and don't damage or scratch the flute. These silicon thumbports are great for either hand as well!

6. Practice Book

It's important to keep track of goals and progress. The 'Practice Book' is exactly for that! Write down your yearly and monthly goals, keep track of your practice routines, what is going well, and what you are struggling with. Take a break, and spark creativity with the extra, fun activities in the 'Practice Book'.

7. A New Flute!

Only get a new flute if your flutist in brand new, or you let your flutist friend pick out their own flute. When flutists learn how to play, they don't quite know which flute they will like more than the others, the flutes may feel and sound the same. Once they get a little more advanced, they'll notice a difference in different flutes.

Musician's Addition Student Flute in White Copper

If your flutist is new to flute and you're on a budget, the Musician's Addition Student Flute in White Copper is a great choice to get them started. Designed with aspiring musicians in mind, this flute seamlessly combines durability, playability, and a touch of elegance.

If you have a bigger budget, The Flutistry or The Flute Center Of New York are amazing places to get flutes. The both carry student, step-up, handmade professional, alto, and bass flutes!

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