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Private Music Lessons For A Personal Experience

Private music lessons provide individualized attention, allowing the teacher to tailor the lessons to the specific needs, skill level, and learning style of the student. This personalized instruction helps students progress at their own pace and address their unique challenges.

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Passionate Music Instructors

Our passionate music instructors are committed to fostering a lifelong appreciation for music in their students. They inspire, motivate, and empower their students to become skilled musicians while instilling a love for music that will last a lifetime.

Our instructors put your goals in mind first. Whether you are looking to play something specific or just want to be a master at your instrument, our instructors tailer the lesson to you.

Music Instructors

Available Instruments

Private Lesson Pricing

30 Min Online Lessons

30-minute online lessons are ideal for those who are just starting off on their instrument. This will avoid feelings of being overwhelmed or fatigued. 

30-minute lessons are also great for those who are a little shorter on time. 

Lessons are available for both kids and adults!


30-minute lessons:




60 Min Online Lessons

60-minute online lessons are ideal for those who have been playing for a little while and are looking to advance quicker.


60-minute lessons are great for those with more time to put towards learning.

Lessons are available for both kids and adults!


60-minute lessons:




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We'll connect you with the music instructor matching your instrument. They'll reach out to hear about your current skill, learn about your goals, and discuss further on how we can help you achieve your musical dreams!


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