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Learn On Your Terms

Anyone can learn an instrument, and it's never been easier to do online! Online allows for a more flexible scheduling, cuts out the commute, and creates your home as the practice routine. 

Learn on your own terms! With options for courses or private online lessons, there's something to fit any budget and any schedule. 

To further help with questions and issues, our group discussion is open for anyone for free! 

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Learn At Your Own Pace

Life can be busy! Our online music courses are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule or on a budget. These courses are created by our very own teachers (and a few other professionals). Our courses are designed to make you feel like you are in that actual class - so you'll feel like you are taking one-on-ones or that you are with the ensemble group. 

Our courses include:

  • Sheet Music

  • Backtrackings

  • Live Q&A & Special Online Events

  • Games

  • Participation In Group Discussions

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The Power Of

Get a little more personalized learning with private

one-on-one lessons. With online private lessons, you get the attention you may need to advance faster. You get live feedback, ask questions in real time, and have that personal experience. 


With the power of music, not only is the student learning an instrument and improving other skills such as math, but self-esteem and confidence arises as well!

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