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Starry Night Flute Case for C-footed flutes


Designed to fit any standard flute (in C) these cases feature a water-resistant exterior, extra strong YKK zippers, and a wooden box frame to keep your flute safe during the school day or on your commute.


A Beaumont flute case is designed first and foremost to be fantastic at its job, they just happen to look great while doing it!

- The AirpopTM mold consists of 98% air, ready and waiting to absorb an impact while adding virtually no weight to your already heavy flute.

- The front zip pocket can accommodate all of your accessories, including cleaning swab and flute rod, Japanese YKK zippers provide a smooth and reliable action.

- With an adjustable shoulder strap to suit all ages and sizes and a padded carry handle your flute will be comfortable to carry wherever you choose to take it.

- Name and address tag included – so if your flute case is misplaced, it can easily be returned to you when found.


Starry Night Flute Case

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