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Your Kid Is In Band Class, Do You Really Need Private Lessons Too?

Your kid has joined band class, whether it's concert band, symphony band, jazz band, or orchestra, that's great! Now many parents are wondering if their kid really needs private lessons since they'll be learning in class. Though not required, it is recommended.

Kids Playing Brass Instruments

Kids will learn how to play their instruments in band class. They will learn to play their instrument, read sheet music, and play with others.

They'll also gain life skills such as being held accountable, doing something with confidence, and being a leader and team member.

Why Your Kid Should Still Take Private Lessons, Even Though They Are In Band Class

1. Individualized Attention:

Private lessons provide one-on-one instruction, allowing the teacher to focus specifically on the student's strengths, weaknesses, and individual learning style. This personalized attention can lead to faster progress and more targeted skill development. It is challenging learning in a big class with different instruments. A lot of time, your student waits until the teacher hits their section.

2. Customized Lesson:

In private lessons, the curriculum can be tailored to the student's specific goals and interests. Whether they want to improve their technique, learn a particular style, or prepare for auditions, private lessons can be customized to meet those needs.

3. Faster Progress:

With personalized instruction, students often make faster progress in private lessons compared to a group setting. The teacher can identify areas that need improvement and provide immediate feedback, helping the student address specific challenges and advance more quickly.

4. Advanced Techniques and Repertoire:

Private lessons can offer more in-depth instruction on advanced techniques, musical theory, and complex repertoire. Students can explore challenging pieces or explore specialized techniques that may not be covered extensively in a band class.

5. Confidence and Performance Skills:

Private lessons can help build confidence and performance skills. Students receive individual guidance on stage presence, interpretation, and musical expression, which can greatly enhance their overall performance abilities.

6. Flexibility and Scheduling:

Private lessons offer greater flexibility in scheduling compared to group classes. Students can arrange lessons at times convenient for them, allowing for better time management and avoiding potential conflicts with other activities.

7. Preparation for Auditions or Competitions:

Private lessons can be especially beneficial for students preparing for auditions, competitions, or scholarships. The instructor can provide specific guidance on the audition requirements, help polish the student's performance, and offer valuable insights on what judges or panels are looking for.

8. Additional Learning Resources:

Private instructors often have access to a wider range of learning resources, including sheet music, recordings, and educational materials. They can provide personalized recommendations and guidance to further enrich the student's learning experience.

Band Class Is Great, But Extra Resources Are Better

While band classes provide valuable ensemble playing experience, private lessons can enhance a student's musical journey by focusing on individual needs, accelerating progress, and offering a more specialized approach to learning an instrument or developing musical skills.

Boy playing saxophone for his teacher

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