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Emerie has been learning along with the flute videos hosted by Reesa. Emerie has been playing following along for a little over 1 year. See how Musician's Addition's videos have helped her learn flute.

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"I have really been enjoying the Piano lessons with Evan, from Musicians Addition.  The lessons are very engaging. I have taken piano lessons before and have learned about the notes and chords. Musicians Addition Piano Lessons is still teaching me new things I did not know.  It lets me realize that their is no such thing as a master, and it's very captivating when I am doing Piano Lessons with my Musicians Addition teacher, Evan. He is still showing me certain notes and techniques on the piano that I did not know.  It let's me realize that Musicians Addition is great to be with and learn from. "

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"When I decided as an older adult to pick up a renewed passion for the flute I quickly realized that I needed some competent instruction.  Reesa was recommended by an online friend in a Facebook group.  I reached out immediately, and I'm so glad I did.  

Her YouTube videos walked me through so many difficulties, and they are so clear, and easy to follow.  We also worked one on one and she was able to guide me through tips and tricks for creating beautiful sound's.  

I am so grateful for Reesa's skill and knowledge.  She made a long time passion obtainable and fun!!"

"I am so happy that I found Reesa!! She is so patient and encouraging! She also teaches everything very correct and professional and gives good homework and practice sheets… she was able to teach me what other people really couldn’t…"


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Laura Schaeffer

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