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Explore the vibrant world of music with the Musician's Addition Musical Coloring Book! Designed especially for kids, this enchanting 28 page coloring book introduces young artists to the diverse families of musical instruments. From the melodious woodwinds to the bold brass, the elegant strings to the rhythmic percussion, and the captivating voice, each page is a new discovery.


Children will explore the individual instruments that make up each family, such as the sleek saxophone, the graceful flute, the clarinet's clear tones, the violin's gentle strings, the guitar's strumming chords, the piano's harmonious keys, and many more. With every page, kids will not only enhance their creativity and fine motor skills but also deepen their appreciation for the world of music.


The Musician's Addition Musical Coloring Book is more than just a coloring book—it's a journey through the orchestra, a playground for imagination, and a celebration of music. Let your child's creativity soar as they color their way through the musical universe!


Softcover saddle stich book

Musician's Addition Musicial Coloring Book For Kids

SKU: 718304495204
Expected May 1st
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